We Love Seal Beach Community Group

We Love the community of Seal Beach California Mayberry  by  the Sea  Get hyper localized and learn more about the beautiful city of Seal Beach California. Get involved and volunteer. We Love Seal Beach is all about the people, places  history and heritage of Seal Beach California.  Fostering Lifelong Bonds Between Neighbors. Creating a greater sense of geographic identity through people-to-people exchanges and initiatives. The value of face-to-face people exchange with our neighbors to build culture. We host an online virtual forum that helps people connect. We Love Seal Beach is a hub for local knowledge and an inclusive network of local leaders. No-one should have to feel excluded in their own neighborhood.  Increasing our sense of community through volunteerism.  Submitter your content. We need you support to create content. Take some pictures, write an article or create a podcast about the City of Seal Beach. Make a YouTube Video and send us the link. When we give without expectat